Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Why Did David Dance?

So the thing we have in all of these 'ancient texts' is a whole series of complex events, intertwined, and sometimes running parallel - and the accounts are there because they mean something, except who really gets what they mean for certain...

This guy 'David ' - King David of the combined Kingdom of Judah and Israel, he goes stupid one time, and dances (and the modern popular 'South Park' version that too many people have, is that he danced naked...) around this tent where there was some 'Indiana Jones' thing happening inside there.

And his first wife, Michal, derides him afterwards and says he humiliated himself not only in front of his own 'soldiers' I guess you could call them, but in front of slave girls. To which he ripostes that he intends to 'humiliate himself' even more, for those slave girls... 

People commonly- especially the Campbell's Tomato Soup Christians - never really quite work out the different strands in the whole story there. The accounts of this 'King David' are virtually completely secular, and carnal; earthy. He 'picks up' Bathsheba after he sees her bathing nude, he 'arranges' the 'disappearance' or 'death by obvious likely mortal peril'(!) of Bathsheba's husband, he dances wildly to the point that the 'upper echelon of society' there laugh at him, and he encourages 'God' to give him a lot of material things.

Everyone in the modern Tomato Soup arena thinks he danced around or in front of a tent in which was this notorious disappeared 'Ark of the Covenant.' In fact, the Ark of the Covenant was still some ways off, being brought to where he was.The tent was where God was hanging out for the time being.... And, indeed, this God already mentioned to David, 'did I ever chide you people for never having built me a house? I found you in particular, in a sheepfold, I hung around a mountain, in a bush, crossed a desert and a sea with you guys running away from Pharaoh, was out in the fields with you and you never heard me complain one time - so why are you trying to build me a house??'

And then, much later on, the prophets of this combined 'Israel and Judah' mob, 'no longer saw the angels of God in the tent...'

But they did before that. Apparently.

This is an actual place in Oman, and
it shows actual Hojari Frankincense
trees, which are quite different from the
small scrawny bushes in Somalia 
from which a lot of commercial 
stuff comes these days.

Why was David dancing?

The Ark hadn't got there yet.

I don't think that people know, that for a good long while, David was working literally for the Philistines, and that was after he killed Goliath.

No, he was dancing because he'd worked out something; something no one else there had realized.

And the whole of his life - in the standard narrative - is all about earthly, material successes. About his, David's material success. His conquests and his amorous liaisons.

'The Jews' are at minimum two different things: one, the House of Israel, and two, the Tribe of Judah. And they are two completely different things - for one thing Bathsheba was not a Hebrew person, and the whole line of 'David' is riddled with Egyptians, Canaanites, even these weird 'Amalekites' (shape-shifting sorcerers!).

It isn't the Jews that God in the narrative says will cover the whole Earth and consist of a vast number of nations...

It is the House of Ephraim. Now who the hell are they?

Anyway David was dancing wildly, because he was wildly ecstatic... ...about something. Something seriously useful to him. He was no fool. He knew exactly what he was doing, and why, up to a point at least given the context and that, well, he was pretty much, just a peasant out there, 'in the sheepfold.'

Along with this stupid thing, we shot out there,
a song with lyrics: 'back out in woods among the
Evergreens, a little country boy... ...he never
ever learned to read or write so well,
but he could, et cetera.'

This 'God' though you know - and I shouldn't really stick it in inverted commas; I'm just doing that to be a nuisance for the sake of the fighting between the rationalistic atheists and the earnest believers among y'all - this God, He has this habit of being around places that always, and I do mean always, exhibit certain atmospheric conditions. In the case of Mamre and Abraham, it was right beside the Terebinth trees - and if you've ever had the occasion to experience what it is like being anywhere near this particular kind of pistachio tree, it's a strong strong anti-bacterial plant, with a very very medicinal resin present. Bit like, you could say, the anti-bacterial hand-wash they have been using down at the Rave Music Festivals now for oh, I'd say, a good ten years or more.

This clip below is not too long, actually, it goes into an ad towards the end, that's why it looks long:

Tuesday, 22 September 2020

The Known, The Unknown And The Lost

I don't know what people's personal circumstances are, who come by here and read.

I expect that in each of your own individual lives, you have 'adapted' I suppose, to the material needs of life, and are engaged in various undertakings which would be considered 'normal' from anyone else's point of view.

A long time ago, I was asked by Dr Tom Odgers at Edith Cowan University, to give a short address to some post-grads there who were finding problems and issues with sourcing employment in keeping with their education qualifications. There was no fundamental reason I should have been giving such an address, other than that I was seen as someone who was successful up to a reasonable level almost by dint of personal drive and not much else - and yet I was the same age more or less, as those who were finding difficulties.

Just very recently, I was asked again, to do a similar thing, and this time, the people were a lot older.

Everyone had their own individual sets of negative experiences of life, although all of this particular group were well in control of their own outlooks and had a philosophical stance about all the bad things in life. What could I really say? Turned out that in fact, at least I was able to 'pass on' some interesting simple things I had acquired from other people - older, wiser, and now mostly all passed(!), people I had known. But those things were important to the group I was speaking with. In one case, a father was worried that he wasn't able to give much money to his fourteen year old kid, who lived with his mother, and naturally, it seemed like the mother cast this 'loser' cloak over the father, and the kid was showing some despondency about I suppose, probably, not having the kind of 'rich' father maybe, that some of his friends must have had.

Simple answer, of course, and most of you know it.

We would only comprise an utterly tiny 
component of that...

But anyway - how about you, though; never mind your kids? What about you yourselves...

There is this thing in the ancient texts, you know - in some of them, the meaning is 'peace of reassurance' (literally from God, as such), and otherwise, it is known as 'the Ark of the Covenant' in which resides 'the Glory of God...' This was, according to the standard Western literature, given to Moses by God Himself on that infamous mountain. Along with the Laws; the Laws were not the only thing given, in fact, they ended up not being the things given at all, because the original ones, Moses smashed up.

I'm sure everyone thinks they know, what 'the Ark of the Covenant' actually is. There is an enormous amount of preaching about what it is. Theoretically, it has 'disappeared from the Biblical narrative at some point.' As in, its actual physical existence has, when Jeremiah, I think, hid it in some mountain.

Now, actually, the part I want to talk about, is that if the wrong person gets their hands onto it, or 'sees' what is inside it, they have some pretty dire consequences visit them - and you would reasonably think, well, why is a benevolent Divine Being doing that?

All the same, I am going to point something out to you here... I am going to tell you about what this small group of us do, fairly regularly. On the one hand I would love for all of you to feel the 'peace of reassurance' - in other words, something of real and genuine substance that gives you a solid feeling inside that things are okay. I suppose a few hundred thousand additional dollars on the positive side of the ledger would achieve it? Do you think?

Leon Bakst again - Egyptian
'Ark' on the dress on the left.

And on that proverbial other hand, there is also the narrative about some people getting burned alive when you know, when Indiana Jones opened up that 'Ark' - or was it the Nazis... I forget; but someone got obliterated.

You think you know what 'the Ark of the Covenant' is? Some archaeologists thought it really was the Anubis Shrine from the Tomb of Tutankhamun. Looks similar. Some other people figure the Knights Templar took it and hid it somewhere at Chartres - and there is another one of these 'death' stories relating to Colonel Welborn Barton Griffith, who saved the Cathedral from destruction; but who himself was killed later the same day.

There is something about 'the Ark' story, isn't there, that tells you there is an implied warning concerning it.

So yes, I know where it is.

And I know what is in there.

And all I can do is go around and around on the outside for you, unless there is some 'secret pass-word' that you can give me, to let me know you will be safe enough with the knowledge.

However, me just going round and round on the outside may well still give you sufficient clues that will allow you to get in on your own - and take responsibility for your own welfare afterwards...

Much bigger than this though...

So. Back to what I was going to tell you: there is this little gang of us, see. And we get together very regularly and it's in different places and just recently it was on someone else's (we don't even know whose) impressive super super ultra wealthy person's cruiser yacht.

Everyone gets a glass or three of something pretty punchy right up front and so, how things go down afterwards could be explained by that. Anyway, there's loud loud music and a live DJ - one of the biggies always - and then the chefs turn up and set fire to something, cognac for the steak Diane or rum and bananas or something, or just curry puffs even, maybe.

And then the high heels come off - one girl slung hers across the salon right about just after the flames in the dimmed lighting; with just the ultra-violet mood lights on.

Those lipstick red-soled Loubis.

By the time this track (the one here below) is played, people are already 'flying' but if you try and stick yourself in the moment, in the context, you might get a sensation of what is going on:


Monday, 21 September 2020

Leon Bakst, and Arabic Magic

NASA sent a song by Chuck Berry into space. Over time NASA has sent quite a lot of music up there, to be retrieved by whoever is out there, for them to make something of all of it.

When human beings as a whole, make some monument to something, more often than not it demonstrates the utter intellectual poverty and crassness of the materially-powerful so-called 'leaders.'

The 'Fountain of Eternal Life' is, 
according to Arabic folklore,
located somewhere in 'Bahrain.'
'Bahr-ain' means, something similar to 'Bahrzak;'
an isthmus between two great oceans...

It is not just my own personal view, but it is the view of some sub-contractors who 'went for a walk in the forest' as I think the Latvian phrase is, about those who are a little bit um, well 'in need of rest,' shall we say, and who claim to have had lengthy conversations with ET aliens - that the original Pioneer 10 plaque that was shot up into space and shoved as far out as possible, was possibly the stupidest thing to show to anyone with half an advanced alien brain.

One guy reported to the Kremlin division of the toppest top bureau there, that we came this close to being wiped out just on the strength of that stupid thing alone.

It's like a bunch of kids with crayons drew something. The plaque shows where the 'Goldilocks zone' for a planet with life is in our solar system, and then a couple of line depictions of what we look like on the outside, minus clothes, and a couple of bits of 'scientific' gibberish that apparently are meant to show what we are made of. We, we, us, superficial, us, we, look like, and oh, we know where we live, and like, no one else with K2+ intelligence would not know that, right?


I've never been to Egypt.


Egypt is as far away, to me, as the outer Oort Cloud surrounding our planetary system.

But I would bet London to a soggy wet bus-ticket, that somewhere, in amongst all the amazing archaeology there, you will find 1. a lion or dog-like creature in monumental form, 2. something with wings, 3. a disk-like depiction, maybe such as a sun or the sun, 4. multiple snakes or 'gorgon-like' things - you might even say, 'dragon-like,' which grow upwards from some base...5. A pair of eyes...

At minimum you will find all those things.

I could have told you that before one single archaeologist ever laid foot anywhere near there.

Is there anything in that list we have not found yet...? Anything missing? Do you think?

Yes 'we' are like a bunch of kids, but a bunch of kids with mischievous and misbegotten 'leaders' and 'rulers' in charge of a whole lot of valuable things. And who wield considerable power.

According to Islamic tradition, this
is the 200 foot long grave of Amran,
the grandfather of Jesus... Wonder how tall
Jesus must have been?

Meanwhile, this is the kind of thing we are stuck with - and if this looks really really silly and stupid to you, then just hold onto your horses, because there may be things we think we 'know' and look upon every day with our own uncritical eyes, but which look just as stupid to those that know a lot better than we do, and a lot more things than we do.

Leon Bakst designed stage sets and production graphics for the Ballets Russes from around 1909 onwards, for which he provided highly exotic, richly colored sets and costumes - and more than one of the ballets he designed for have become extremely famous and enshrined permanently in ballet lore. There was one particularly notable, at the time somewhat infamous ballet - 'the Afternoon of the Faun' - which involved the dance depiction by Vaslav Nijinsky, of a mythical creature, a faun. (Nijinksy caused riots and fights inside the theaters when some members of the audiences objected to what appeared like the faun performing various kinds of sexual acts with nymphs on stage in the final act, or using objects of clothing of the nymphs to do that...).

This is the faun in the
movie 'Narnia.'
Dame Daphne Guinness likes to
depict herself as a kind of 
a faun, especially with her shoes.
Not sure whether she has hairy legs...

Fauns are part of very ancient folklore, from Turkey, Persia, Greece, Syria, Iraq, Kurdistan, and later on Arabia too. Many Muslim scholars conflate the images of 'fauns,' with their own mythology of Genies. Fauns are the creatures with long and powerful animal-like legs, and cloven hoofs.

But where were Bakst and Nijinsky getting their ideas about these creatures from? 

One of the greatest works of verse ever devised in the Arabic language - 'the Conference of the Birds' by Farid ud-Din - contains a crystal clear summary of how one may see such said-to-be mythical, or imaginary, invisible-to-mortal-eyes beings.


Saturday, 19 September 2020

Kushner And The Middle East

And now I'm going to say something that could raise both some ire as well as some contention.

The Hammurabi Laws -
there's Hammurabi there on the left,
and 'god' right there giving him
the Laws.
A few hundred years before Moses.

If God spoke to Moses (maybe Circa BC 1500+) on some mountain somewhere, and gave Moses 'the Laws,' then he - God - must have plagiarized these from King Hammurabi (Circa BC 1800-ish) and failed to disclose to Moses that another god had earlier on handed some 'Laws' to a king or a leader of a peoples in the Middle East, namely to said King Hammurabi. In fact, prior to Hammurabi's Code, there had been an earlier set of Laws, in fact the first ones that are known to archaeology (if you forget that there is an entire other tradition in another part of the world that is at least as complex, namely, that of Dwaraka in India, that concerns an even far earlier time still...), which are called the Laws of Ur-Nammu.

Hammurabi claimed to have been personally given his laws by the gods, or a god.

And if we shift focus now a little to the standard Islamic narrative, to consider the misleading ideas there, there never were any inscriptions prior to the Abbasids whatsoever, showing a direction towards which to pray, other than towards Petra, and not Mecca.

However, by the time of the Abbasids, when this empire had shifted the key regional center of the silk road trade from Petra to Mecca in the Hijaz, then and only then does evidence show that the qibla direction is now towards Mecca.

Meanwhile, there are traditional Hebrew rabbinical writings to the effect that their Abraham was from Edessa in Turkey, back in ancient history also called 'Ur.'

Modern people, doing what
modern people do. They also have tablets -
Apple tablets. God, there's even 'apples!' lol

The modern common tradition is that the Abraham of the Bible is said, in the Bible, to have come from 'Ur of the Chaldees' (which is in Iraq, or ancient Babylon more or less, and not Turkey). In fact the Ptolemy II Old Testament does not say 'Ur' of the Chaldees, it says 'the LAND of the Chaldees. And that is because 'Ur' is a word simply which means 'land,' or 'the land' - as in a settlement, or civilized place. Abraham came from Babylon.

The even earlier civilization in Uruk (before 'Ur'), the so-called Ubaid Period civilization (BC 6500 - BC 3800), is where we get all of those reptilian statues of people or 'gods,' or so some archaeologists and social anthropologists say - that you see in television shows such as 'Ancient god-only-knows-whatever-hot-button-flavor-of-the-season-name...'

The so-called 'translation' of the Amenhotep pyramidion, is another monument to the fact that human beings will say anything and repeat anything, just because they have a mouth and they can make some noise with it. And there are other pyramidions too, notably the pyramidion of Amenemhat III.

Pyramidion - capstone of the Pyramid.

People who try and claim to have translated the inscriptions have absolutely no idea what those inscriptions say or mean.

The inscriptions describe certain relationships of certain particular things, although they do also memorialize two names or titles.

The standard modern narrative of what these inscriptions do say, goes something like this: 'May the face of the king of Upper and Lower Egypt be opened so that he may see the Lord of the Horizon (Horus), and that when he (Horus) crosses the sky, and the son of Ra, and the two ladies... ...and blah blah blah;' all rubbish.

Moses and God: wrong.

Mecca and God: wrong.

Abraham from where: wrong.

The Pharaoh and God: wrong.

Jews: wrong.

Muslims: wrong.

Christians: also wrong.

Ancient 'geopolitics' - standard modern narrative: all wrong.

Today's geopolitics...?

China and Iran, of course, are allies of great self-interest and convenience.

And anyone who thinks we are out of the woods because Jared Kushner has built a little bloc between Saudi Arabia and Israel and Bahrain and the UAE... nuts.

The 'secret' by the way, of all of this, is literally right there on the pyramidion.

You see, original people originally say some 'thing,' or write something, and then other people come along and read it however which-way that they like and it all becomes nonsense after that. And you know what? They establish even Universities to teach the nonsense as well!

And then, whole swathes of people all 'know' the same nonsense, for ever and ever and ever after.

Round and round and round she goes.

You stop when you find something worth your while, though, right...?

Friday, 18 September 2020

Time, And The 'Unseen...'

We come into the world, 'no hidden information,' and we take up our places, after having learned the rules, ostensibly these are just the things we all learn growing up, and being educated in the normal way - we take up our places at the Chess table, in order to play.

In relative youth, we get donated to us, things that are not really 'us,' as such. Women trade off their good looks, if they are good-looking; and then, when youth departs her of its own free will, what stays behind, of the person that someone apparently knew and loved - in their youth?

What's on the menu of life?

Young men trade off their vigor and anger and strength - and they gather around them followers, or they are entered in, among circles of powerful men, and then, later on, when their youth departs them, which is the part of what is made commerce of, that remains with that person?

Who, is the person? Who is the 'thing' we value; the thing 'of' value.

When we assess ourselves, 'at our best,' as they say, and think about, let's say, the time when we were the 'best on ground' at some sport? And in the evenings after those games, when we were chased by the young girls? Is that us, but then, when we become old and infirm, this is no longer 'us' anymore?

Can we take anything with us, that we can 'get' from any of these phases of life - that adds to 'us;' literally adds materially to who we are?

And when any of the gods who service any of the Campbell's Tomato Soup religions, weighs you up, usually according to the standard narratives after your death - which 'you' do they assess? The sports jock, the winner in youth, the beautiful young model or actress or social favorite... ...or the nothing that is left in old age? Or maybe just the baby 'you' (EG as in 'baby Yoda')?

Cristina Soto - how come she sings like she does?

...Now in this article, we shall look at a wine in its youth, and try and comprehend its destiny, since Allah knows the heart of men, so too we shall merely attempt to know the heart of a wine - and in the case of Allah's foreknowledge, not only does he know the evil men and the good, but he knows which will already go to Hell for Eternity, and which to Heaven for Eternity before they were even born. And so, although the 'good' and 'the Believers' put up with all the disaster and suffering inflicted on the world by 'the bad' (with Allah's blessing since he knows all the potentials beforehand but he does nothing about it) and all along the way, the 'bad' get all the money and power and the fame and the glory and very likely either curse Allah every step of the way too or at minimum are 'hypocrites' - both sides having zero guarantee of anything, but apparently, the 'good' have 'faith' and 'believe.' And so, the 'good' get the Eternal Reward of Heaven, and the wealthy, powerful, successful 'bad' get to go to Hell, later on; afterwards - according to the fairy story.

The wine of life, will it run dry?

And really, this applies to more than just Allah, it applies to most of the deities involved in Campbell's Tomato Soup religions - they are all well-pleased with the obtaining state of affairs... They inflict by their failure to do anything, pain and suffering and disaster on the whole world and especially onto good and innocent people who have done nothing to invite any of it.

This is, at core, the essential criticism, for instance, of Stephen Fry, about God.

Stephen Fry's logical conclusion, is that either there is no God, or, that, if there is, he is a vicious and wanton sadist.

However I say, having spoken with people who claim to have met and conversed with advanced ET aliens from very far away and much different societies and civilizations, that our concept of God is incorrect and in very substantial ways.

But let us go back to the wine. Here is a wine, newly produced to the market, which is available for around $20 a bottle, and if you buy six or more, you get them in really nice wooden presentation crates... ...or something.

Now if I knew for certain - like say, a god would - about the fate and destiny of this wine, then I could guarantee you that at some point, they would go for ten thousand dollars a bottle.

What do you think?

Is it time to play Chess, yet? For you?

We do not want to meet some amazing-looking romantic partner and 'make out' with them.

You do not want that; stop lying.

If you had, say, an extra um, sixty thousand dollars all of a sudden, then you could 'get' into the action for a few moments, though, right? Dress up. Get a facial. Whatever it is that will work.

Taltarni - 'The Patron.' 

And then, this super advanced, really intellectually plangent ET alien of quite remarkable good looks, even by our elevated human standards, turns up swanning around in your social circles and drifts towards you... ...are they interested in the passing you, the disappearing you, the you of your youth and fame (or youthfully allowed infamy)?

I tell you what you want: you want to insert yourself literally into perfection, into 'Forever' (that is the essential meaning of Allah's Heaven and everyone else's as well), you want to become part of the very object itself that you lust after, you want to bathe in it, in the feelings and the sensations it gives you. But you absolutely do not want to get, along with the 'deal' any of the pathetic lunacies of the fading attributes and any deceit from the mimicking superficial 'front;' nor any of the carefully hidden poverties of that real inner being that you are looking at.

Old men are not deluded by young people, nor by other old people and their wiles crafted over decades.

But it is still a very great art to even be able to discern what a human being is, apart from the stuff that shifts around a lot with them, their outsides, their mindsets, their personal egos, their clothes...

I have a copy of one of the only real versions of a book by Abdul Qadir Gilani, called: Futuh al Ghaib (Secrets of the Unseen), a 12th century work. Virtually all the versions that you will find on the internet, or in any library, are fake and filled with these things - 'All praise to Allah' and 'Bismillah' and 'Peace and Blessings Be Upon the Holy Messenger,' and 'Allah is One' and so on to convince people that this is some kind of major work of a Muslim scholar and philosopher and which contains basically teachings from the greatest book delivered from a Divinity ever, namely, the Quran of course.

But it is called 'Secrets of' because it was only meant for his close students, and it is... ...a secret book. Which deals, not with the outer impressions given by people, and their looks, but what of them is 'unseen.'

The chimes of Big Ben are presently silent, and the clock-tower of Mecca presently stands.

 And the Temple of Wisdom in Turkey is taken into the hands of men...

The Texan 'trance singer' Cristina Soto

But I tell you these things, because what I tell you are secret things, and the hidden things, of which you are meant to discern key thoughts from out of intentional mist, and from that process derive important weighty conclusions - that to others, will appear as though they were prophecies when they unfold as you predict that they will, and that they must. Because it is mathematics, not magic.

Who you are, who any person is, is mathematics. Some things change; some things never do. Some are variables, some are constants. Life is a differential equation with multiple variables. The game of Life is a Chess game. But most people are playing in the world of eternal variables...

Make sure you don't.