Saturday, 14 December 2019

Colluding With The 'Bleed Blue' Girls

Okay so by now everyone knows that there is this idea floating around that 'Jason Bourne' is about to be managed by either of the following - or all of them:

Gina Haspel
Elizabeth Kimber - Deputy Director Operations
Sonya Holt - Diversity & Inclusion
Cynthia Rapp - Deputy Directot Analysis
Brittany Bramell - Public Affairs
'Someone else whose name we are not allowed to know right now'

So it's indeed a bit of a challenge to come up with a female perspective vision...

But, we're working on it. Meanwhile though, there is this -

BIG CAVEAT - Not for the tendered-eared.

Thursday, 12 December 2019

Black Mirror Theory

The 'black mirror theory' is a term invented by a UK television series creator, Charlie Brooker. And it describes the tendency for human society's uptake of new technology to virtually always entail unforeseen, and unintended consequences which alter the way people live their lives.

The 'black mirror' means the screen you have on your wall, on your desk, in your hand, which you turn on at some point.
...How to bribe and corrupt a female spy

The whole thing is of course pretty dystopian in the television series, as much of Charlie Brooker's work always has been, and it also still now maintains this same dystopian vision about the modern world.

I don't hold the view that things are bound to be dystopian no matter what. Certainly not anymore. Yes, no doubt whatsoever there are going to be major disruptions and catastrophes and social dysfunction ahead for the world - that is unavoidable. But we simply cannot over-do the focus that things are bound to be bad no matter what, or that there won't be those of us who will do well without breaking laws or engaging in the fraudulent aspects of all modern economies.

Here, in this Blog, for all of us who participate here, we aim to do well.

I like technology. I don't need to give it up. And neither should any of you, give up on technology. 
How to bribe and corrupt a male spy: 'your mission, Mr X,
should you choose to accept it
is to have these amazing deluxe London socks.'

I think the NSA probably has a reasonable role in archiving everyone's communications as a side-effect of being able to interdict serious potential threats - that was never the issue to begin with; the issue was who was misusing those archived recordings, secretly, and for malevolent reasons and their own interests?

And can we trust the half dozen or so recently-appointed women heads of divisions inside today's CIA?

I guess I would put the question back to them: what do you see when you switch on that black mirror you women now have! 


Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Temporarily Held Back

I've had to remove the last article just temporarily...

It basically just covered that a C-130 disappeared off Chile two days ago.

And that Admiral Mike Rogers spoke at a conference here in Perth Western Australia recently.

And really, none of it was a big deal...

UK election is tomorrow and that is a big deal.

Saturday, 7 December 2019

What Uncle Joe Said...

This week there was that 'nuther car crash that Joe Biden was involved in - this time with some guy at a 'town hall' meet he appeared to call 'fat.'

But very casually, just as a throw-away line that apparently everyone was supposed to accept without questioning, he also said: 'I know things that you don't.'

Well, but what things?

I mean are they really big important things wa-a-a-a-y outside of what we might expect from your standard 'foreign intelligence briefings' material?
Walker's 'midnight blend;' will also mess with your vision...

And how about technology? Are we being told exactly everything about what is around and being used...

...I think this thing known as 'deep fakes' has been around for a lot longer than people would assume that it has, and in a usable form - a practical, usable form that the monolithic media has already used to proffer massive lies to the public at large, and get away with.

Of course we all 'worry' that our governments are in the grip of any number of sundry 'conspiracies' - reptilians, Illuminati, Freemasons, Zionists...

I'm not allowed to go any further than that here, so I must jump to the effective conclusion point:

What if the Chinese government shows some 'in-coming' and it is a 'deep fake' but nonetheless the buildings fall down afterwards?

See what I mean?

So whose side do we want Gina Haspel to be on? Our side that brings down the tall buildings and pins it on the 'enemy' or some other side...

Here's some red-haired Brit girl channeling Virginia Woolf:

Thursday, 5 December 2019

Someone On Your Side

So, Lashana Lynch is not on your side. She is a tactical-suited thug who shoots people just because, well, because apparently, the UK has given itself the right to commit state-sanctioned murder. 'State-sanctioned murder' - well, see, there really is no such thing; it is just murder. And that's all it is. There is absolutely nobody 'licensed to kill.' Which is why soldiers get charged with murder on the battlefield if not every day, then quite a lot, in fact. 
Sandy Lane Resort, Barbados - not where the latest Bond flick
is being filmed

There are a few guys out there in the public sphere, retired marines and SEALS and so forth, and they will tell you, publicly, that what they do is maintain a state of preparedness to conduct armed and organised potentially deadly violence under very strict rules of engagement against a designated enemy under internationally-recognized LAWS. And that is a whole other - a different - thing altogether.

'007...' today - is a criminal. Worse still, those who employ him are wicked, malicious, criminal-minded rogues.

Someone who dresses up in black-colored ballistic full operational gear - is a stand-over merchant; whose very attire is designed to intimidate, mostly just the plain ordinary civilian, the citizen. 
An authentic Bajan British model - not Lashana Lynch

Sometimes, yes, the citizenry at large requires protection against veiled threats from foreign powers - foreign powers that have all the tools and armed 'mass and weight' as it were, of a sovereign state, albeit regularly a tyrannical one.

The government of the UK ought not to give even the slightest encouragement to this current travesty that has become the general conception about spies and official covert actions and activities.

Now I will tell you about two separate, not connected shadowy incidents which have happened recently, and which will get no media time at all - but which you will do well to regard as important, especially because they will render to you an entirely alternate perspective of what is going on in the world today, politically, financially, economically, and militarily as well. 

1. Recently, very very recently, a major celebrity was virtually plucked from the jaws of imminent death, as in a potential deliberate murder. Whether this will be relayed in the media or not, in the short term, it is difficult to say; government agencies will try to recommend it not be given wide reporting because there are outstanding matters to do with why it all happened in the first place still to be uncovered.

2. The Chinese are messing around with more or less all the satellites in the world they don't own and control.

...No one is going to parachute an operative with black tactical gear into Beijing to kill anyone.

And no one hardly even knows why the hit on the building in which the celebrity was usually residing was even commissioned by someone. There were fires at the place and in the general vicinity.

The world is going to hell very fast. We all need protection. We need some very sophisticated people on our side. Not a bunch of idiots in black Gortex and CCF. Because for a start, those sorts of people are not on our side. The people on our side are sensitive and they care. They are the caring kind.