Saturday, 12 January 2019

Real, Practical Value

I doubt there are all that many kids who come by here and read, although I had a few parents - a long while ago - say that this was one of the sites they let their teenagers visit... Interesting.

I try to stay away from complaining - or moaning, which a lot of us old people do (I think I can outrun Carl Lewis today, all the same, and he's supposed to be around my age...). Let's face it , there's a lot to moan about, if you've experienced a lot of good things that have left the public sphere now.

The point is, kids - don't assume things are what they are presented to you as being, and listen to us oldies who will tell you, they can be a lot different, and a lot better.
This is real Cheshire, UK - where the football millionaires have
their mansions. It's a bloody damn cold place in Winter.

One of the facets of 'fake news' is that often, it is not outright fake but twisted in such a way that it is dangerously deceptive.

This week an array of reports about London shops' Christmas sales figures came out in the media. Apart from Tesco, it seemed - well, in fact, it was the case, that the major London upscale retailers and galleries and boutiques, reported significant drops in overall sales compared to the previous Christmas.

But I will tell you these statements and figures reveal nothing about what was going on. You see, for one thing, you need to remove the words 'shop' and 'sales' and 'selling' from everything you are being told. London has considerably improved its visual appearance since I was there for any length of time - the boutiques in Mayfair and Belgravia Square and Knightstbridge, and the shops and buildings are all clean on the outside, and the pavements appear new and the streets and roads are recently laid and clean. There are not that many people who walk in those streets these days, although there are still a few people sauntering around 'window-shopping' around Christmas.

London - the economy of, and all the 'upper bracket' elites who hang around the place - is exclusively about falsified property values...

The reason women go into designer boutiques by prior arrangement and introduction only, in order to be shown a Birkin bag, is because they are the wives and 'friends' of the property owners, there to nod and wink about the last tranche of debt they stole from a bank across the theory of an ever-rising London property valuation. And all the accountants go along with the racket and so do the lawyers and especially the local politicians - so much so that up until this year, they falsified 'sales' of cards and socks and pretended the shops there actually were in business to sell anything.
This is a private lounge at the Ritz (hotel, not casino), owned
by an Emirati guy - no MI5/MI6 people allowed!

Now if you don't believe me, let me apprise you of the latest 'trend' in upscale/designer/luxury/high fashion whatever, brands: they have 'shops' at which no one buys anything, but you can hang out and do 'Instagram' about the brand...

Don't kid yourself these people are really interested in 'networking' and amassing numbers of 'followers' on their Instagram pages for some purpose of 'sales' of 'product' later on down the track. There wasn't any 'later on down the track' twenty years ago, and there isn't one now. They don't have any products. They're in the racket of engineering extractions of cash from debt. A concrete brick, is, after the support and backing from all the Freemasons in the world - more important, more valuable, more costly, and hence better security at a bank - than any other thing in the whole entire world since the Dawn of Time.

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry - for Tomorrow... Oh yes, it is coming. The stage is being set as we speak, for the Godallmightiest Crash of all time from which there can be no recovery. They have lost the mindset that was to do with genuine cash flows and sales. And they cannot manufacture, design or create anything; they have no production ability, left. They have simulacrum copying tendencies.

What did I tell you, right here, on these pages, a few years ago? I have visions of myself running through a cold dark evening across the square outside the city Research Library, a red silk-lined cloak flitting in the wind, a stack of books under my arm - to which I will now add: a USB vault stick in my pocket, and a digital wallet filled with actual currency that buys real things from genuine vendors, and an encrypted list of those vendors and where they hide.

You all don't believe me, do you? Okay then you stick your money into London property and see what happens. Or you leave it in trusts and funds and 'hedge' things that 're-invest' the pooled capital into London Real Estate... I once said to a senior funds manager of Robert Holmes a' Court, then Australia's wealthiest person - 'take all your cash out of your wallet, John, and give it to me.'
Harris Tweed - woven in a craft mill, under the roof of the
person who wove it, and who lives right there. 

He didn't. Three months later his boss was dead and apparently, from all accounts, technically bankrupt at the moment he died. He has spoken to me again, that guy, but he never remembered what I had told him. And that was because there still have been many 'chances' since then till now to survive. But that saga is finished. So now I'm telling you, in no uncertain terms, quite explicitly - get out of cash, get out of your banks (they're all tied to London property), get out of shares and bonds, get out of property trusts, and start to understand what digital crypto-currencies are. And don't pretend that you know or that your 'rational scepticism' has given you a sensible picture of the field. And don't think you know what the complete picture is, of the global digital communications infrastructure - that it is 'only' what is known to governments...

It costs around one hundred UK pounds today for a decent steak dinner in the City of London. And it costs 30,000 pounds for a lady's handbag. And you can believe that if you want, too.

I mean you can be a bloody fool if you want, but the show is over. And it ain't coming back. Not now, not soon, not ever. I understand a bomb went off tonight showering Paris with Macaroons. Did I get that word right... Not sure.

Sunday, 6 January 2019

Crypto Tumbler Stuff

It was become abundantly clear, as we progressed along the path of exposing our Poker Staking Advances P2P Network based in the Gulf and originally launched from their professional 'Baloot' card game Championship on-line interest groups, that there are significant 'participants' who have a major problem they need to get around.

And that problem, of course, is that they have a goal of being anonymous and untraceable with their financial transactions except, the whole system of digital cryptocurrency is based on cyber guarantees of transaction paths and fully traceable and linked transactions! 
You gotta think these new coffee tumblers around the place
now are pretty funny!

The internet is riddled with terms and terminology like 'privacy coins,' and 'cryptocurrency tumblers/blenders/mixers,' and 'anonymous wallets' - but the reality is all of these things don't escape actual tax or money laundering laws. In the first place there is this matter called 'structuring transactions' - which is illegal; and all of the previously mentioned processes could be deemed illegal 'structuring.' 

Now I have some sympathy for those who desire to have secure yet entirely covert transactions effected on-line somehow, whilst at the same time I don't think I have any sympathy for anyone who killed someone to make money, or who stole money or things and then wants to have the proceeds escape being taxed or their actions blocked from being interdicted.

So regardless that there are numerous 'cryptocurrency tumblers' out there who offer that service, or that there are even anonymous digital wallets that you can possess and control - I personally would prefer to have a different approach: one in which you do not risk your 'anonymous' wallet just being plain seized anyway by the cops!! And one for which you don't need to rely on a suspect legal 'right' to intermingle moneys - no matter how fast or with how much 'technology' you have done it - and thereby pretend you have 'laundered' tainted money.
'Privacy coins' are now out there in the market,
but all of these things have limitations.
Actual clever, legal transactions are the only real solution.

What I just did in the situation of a couple of pretty giant 'pocket-books' that wanted to be involved in the Baloot advances cloud software platform - is that I asked them to generalize where they had gotten their money from, why they wanted to keep it secret, and what they wanted to do with the profits or the actual liquidity per se. And then send that general depiction to a particular 'Dark Web' site which would assess, at a very high level of expertise, what the legal and money-tracking vulnerabilities were, and offer a specific tailored solution in each case.

That website is called 'Dirty Money Whirlpool' and if anyone wants to use it just let me know. We'll in any case be posting regular user information about it and I think given the sizes of funds moving in there from companies coming through here and related sites, it is going to be an on-going feature of things.

Saturday, 5 January 2019

The Modern 'Business' Of 'News'

Sometimes it isn't that you - 'we' - don't already know a certain thing, it's just that we haven't confronted it clearly and succinctly, or that consciously yet, so we don't think about its consequences.

How do suppose CNN, for example, functions? How does it make money...?

Well, their in-house accountants have worked the 'per unit' cost of the type of news 'product' they broadcast, and they consider their style of production part of their brand. They further distinguish different types of story, even down to the nature of the content, and place a kind of a 'viewer appeal' metric onto it. Thus, whatever was in their 'in-house generated' schedule of news appearances has a specific unit cost.
This hard-shell case is what they carry cash in

So then, for example, accredited news reporters produce a story, maybe it is an 'exclusive' which was subject to some kind of agreement between the subject of the story and that reporter, and these items go into a syndicated agents' 'selling sheet.' This will include items that are released through very large agencies such as AP or Reuters. Unless these are already part of the brand agenda and schedule structure, they will never appear in broadcasts and those that do get a bulk or commodity news rate fee paid to whatever large agency had specific 'royalty rights' and these kinds of rights are not genuinely 'royalties' as is meant in the Tax Act or Artists' and Writers' Code or Legislation, but merely 'agreed' royalties already standardized by habitual practice between the large agency providers and various Networks.

And then there comes along some independent reporter who covered something which was 'actual news' as such: he or she found out, for example, that the person detained in Russia under suspicion of being an active foreign spy held literally four separate legal citizen-ships. So now this is not going to be run in any of the Networks because it was not 'their' news.

But if you paid them, to shift their unit costed news blocks out of the way, to be substituted by this 'externally-costed' item, then they would run it, paid for... someone.

And there is a pecking order, an ascending premium rate structure so that the higher 'up' the news item is to be 'placed' the more it is going to cost to get it 'placed' there.
This is the 'Institute for Statecraft' at Number 2 Temple Place in London.
Russia's 'Sputnik News Agency' uncovered this place,
and they are running the pics and story now,
but we have already shown you various places that NO ONE else has ever talked about.

All current news Networks and major Broadcasters - including the BBC, for one good instance - operate this way. With the BBC, there is a government policy agenda filter on all news; so much so, in fact that it took a recent anonymous hacker to uncover - and then finally the Parliament admitted it was so - that the government has at least one and probably many, organizations that are heavily funded to the tune of millions of pound per year, to produce 'placed' news items.

Ostensibly these previously clandestine organizations are there to provide formally guaranteed factually-based and truthful news, and so the one that was recently named in the UK Parliament, carries the title of 'The Integrity Initiative.' However, this organization is a two-way street between the seemingly privately-funded group known as 'Bellingcat' which produces completely fabricated propaganda disguised as 'independent work and internet research.' Bellingcat was responsible for all of the supportive 'stories' that seemed to underpin what was in the Christopher Steele 'dodgy dossier' which was then 'paid for' at a premium by various US political interest groups.  

So whether it is 'Hakluyt,' or 'Bellingcat,' or 'the Integrity Institute' someone ends up paying for actual items placed and run in whatever magazine, or television program, or newspaper ends up covering the items.

Sometimes, it is the taxpayer that pays, but he doesn't know that the stories are politically-spun or who gets to control the 'spin.'

The bottom-line for you, is this - whatever story you see in any mainstream outlet, has been paid for by someone who believes it is in their financial interest to have that story or narrative told to you. It is not 'news.' And it has never been 'news' maybe for at least since the time of John Major as so cloying a lie as it has now become.

Thursday, 3 January 2019

And Then, Suddenly, Everything Makes Sense

What did it take me, I dunno, maybe six hours? To make a classic French onion soup...

For me one of the things about French onion soup, is that if a thousand good cooks make it, no two would be exactly the same.

That is, if we are talking good cooks, here. Anyone can make something that is not good... And in that latter all persons rank the same: they are all doing something equally bad!
The great classic - French onion soup

Good French onion soup is of course, simply fantastic.

But then today, all of a sudden and as if almost out of thin air, something else - and Bill, we haven't even opened the good wine you brought over(!) - something else occurred that came out of a bottle of Barrossa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.

Suddenly everything made sense.

Everything about the whole entire Universe, made sense.

I mean you can talk all you like about Quantum Physics, or the empirical value of science; but you see, everyone who drinks wine as a knowing individual, knows that there is no such thing as a permanently repeatable experience of a particular bottle, or a particular wine - there is just that one you are immediately experiencing.

And so, we know that as we sense what is in the big glass before us, as we sense that what is going to come is something quote exceptional, we also know in the back of our minds that it may not necessarily last, or ever be experienced in quite the same way ever again. The soup is wonderful, the wine is not beautiful but it is powerful, and it is magical - it starts doing impossible things. All those things we easily accuse the expert tasters of imagining, are starting to happen for us too - the odd things that are not supposed to be there: varnish, sealing wax, tomato, Levantine leather, cedar filings, books of lost and forgotten lore, celery seeds, dark plums and other mysterious fruits, the smell of the inside of a new Aston Martin, sugar, molasses, all that kind of lunatic nonsense. It's all there, in the bottle, now in the glass, now approaching under your nose, now touching your tongue and the back of your mouth.

It isn't a strong wine, it doesn't feel as if it will bang you in the head, and the oak is there but it is so safe and relaxed. 

And it conveys to you a secret and hidden meaning within our world that few ever get hold of in their life - suddenly, in a twinkling it shows you how everything makes sense, and it does... ...make sense.

...Now here is a piece of music that there are few women on the planet capable of allowing themselves to be seduced by:

Sunday, 30 December 2018

Give Your Current Human Life Back!!

I just experienced one of the top three or four all-time greatest performances of live art and culture and high intellect ever.

It was the October 2018, Sydney performance of Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 performed by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra under Edo de Waart - together with the Sydney Philharmonia Choirs and the soloists Amanda Majeski (soprano), Caitlin Hulcup (mezzo-soprano), Kim Begley (tenor), and Shenyang (bass-baritone).

Of the other 'top of all time' are of course, Nureyev's Casse Noisette with Merle Park circa 1968, Maya Plisetskaya's Odile (Black Swan) and whatever other obscure performance the grande aficionados will include that must always be included as that 'mystery' item.

There is no possible way you will ever get a better, more self-assured and confident rendering by a live orchestra of this greatest of master-works.

You can - if you are also one of these 'high art and culture' types - watch the performance here:

It's about an hour and something to get through, and you need a good beer (thanks Hakim...) and maybe a clear starry sky to look up into as you experience the mind of God at work. 

And if you haven't got that sort of time, and even if you do and watch the thing and don't get it - hand your life back in to wherever you stole it from! If you ever wanted to know what you are doing here on this planet, follow the link above, and imbibe deeply.